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    Is not just a brand, it's a directive.

    Whether through cinematography, directing and/or writing FILMama Productions, LLC, is a film and television production company dedicated to putting women behind the camera.

    In the male-dominated world of filmmaking, women have traditionally been excluded from leadership positions, but the women behind FILMama are forging a path behind the camera. Motivated by the exploration of the micro-evolution of culture through an individual experience we find that for every song there is a story, for every poem there is a picture and every moment speaks with a voice that starts the process over again.

    Our goal is to make the inaccessible accessible by producing films with other production companies, independent film investors, and philanthropists to create psychological dramas and thrillers that tell the stories of those who have largely gone under represented in a way that makes their stories universal and the films internationally marketable.

    Regardless of the media format, we work around the world wherever the story takes us creating inspiring, uplifting and entertaining stories. The quality of our productions is built upon the foundation of an entertaining and meaningful story. With quality creative writing, visionary directing, powerful acting, beautiful visuals, moving music and other auditory elements, we collaboratively create compelling media whatever the format.

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